Astrologically, there should be a Trine when it comes to a Twin Flame connection. A sextile trine is whereby the corresponding planets should be at least 90-180 degrees apart on your birth chart, in order to match. In a lot of Eastern cultures, they desire to be able to match the birth charts of those looking to get married, astrologically .... Info: I've never been in a relationship before but I have a strong feeling that I have some kind of twin flame who I'll meet when we're both "ready" if that makes sense. I don't know why I have this feeling but I do. ... In western astrology I am a Gemini sun. In Vedic, I am a Taurus. I google all my placements & aspects. Some pages. TWIN FLAME SYNASTRY & COMPATIBILITY: Planets In Synastry: A Beginner’s Guide To Relationship Astrology Twins Flames can essentially have a variety of astrological combinations. Every individual is different, therefore, you cannot set one specific type of standards to apply to all twin flame couples. It just isn't so. Astrologers will continue to search. "/>Twin flame vedic astrology