Apr 09, 2019 · The Savage off/on brakes never offered much in recoil reduction from the get go because of the large amount of clearance. Using a .338 caliber brake on a .30 caliber barrel will do nothing more than create a lot of unwanted noise. If their brake is oversize to begin with, maybe a different story.. Savage's new Model 110 Ultralight rifle includes all the class-leading features you'd expect from a Savage gun with the addition of a Proof Research carbon ... .300 Winchester Short Magnum as well as the hot new 6.5 PRC and .28 Nosler. It's not a budget gun, but the new Ultralite might well be the best Savage 110 ever built—and that's. The PVA series of brakes is designed around the concept that a brake is not just recoil reduction, it is overall "shootability". Our recoil reduction is second to none on the list above. However we are the only one that is designed with a specific layout to cancel blast to the shooter's face and avoid putting muzzle concussion on the head/neck. "/>Savage 110 ultralight 28 nosler muzzle brake