it is dhcp based. when using smooth wall I guess it would try to renew anough that the IP would never change and I was hunky dorrey (cool) but now after having PF installed for a couple days It quite working. (could not go out to the internet) I had to reboot and the problem was that I had gotten a. Manually releasing / renewing DHCP lease on the WAN interface brings the pfSense back online. Observations. pfSense has same public IP all the time (cable modem is configured in bridge mode). So the solution stated by joako seems not to apply unfortunately. dpinger does log package loss but not the interface as being down (see logs below), but. Mar 03, 2003 · I used the built-in wan probe in pfSense and Packet Capture of the WAN provided only Discover requests without any DHCP Offers actions · 2021-Jan-29 10:25 pm · RickNY. "/>Pfsense wan dhcp not renewing