Sending data to web using NodeJS via serial port. Using Aarduino and Ethernet shield it is a piece of cake to connect to web, send and receive data without need a PC. This is pretty expensive way of doing this as it require Ethernet shield that has its price. There are another ways to send data to web. Well eventually you will need a PC because .... The main serial node in node-red does indeed depend on the serialport npm module. This module requires some C code to be complied, which on Windows requires a number of prerequisites. It looks like there is a problem with your environment for compiling this module. Calling this method closes the SerialPort object and clears both the receive and transmit buffers. This method calls the Component.Dispose () method, which invokes the protected SerialPort.Dispose (Boolean) method with the disposing parameter set to true. The best practice for any application is to wait for some amount of time after calling the. "/>Nodejs serialport close