Dec 15, 2020 · Moonlight HDR Launcher. Este é um iniciador para GameStream que zomba de Mass Effect Andromeda para iniciar qualquer executável de um dispositivo Shield ou Moonlight com suporte HDR. Por exemplo, ele pode ser usado em conjunto com gamestream_launchpad para iniciar o GOG Galaxy 2.0 no modo HDR. Ele é vagamente baseado em uma solução do .... While watching some HDR enabled Netflix content or streaming games via Moonlight (most common when using 1440p for the streaming) I saw sometimes the screen "flickering" like if it was with a gray layer appearing in front of it. I think it's something related to the codec being used to play the video, but that's only a guess. Vizio 55-inch 4K HDR Smart LED Chromecast TV. Moving up the TV size chart never hurt anyone, provided you have the money and space for a bigger set. This 55-inch TV is $99 off and, naturally. "/>Moonlight streaming hdr