Mar 26, 2017 · Kili has a dream about a certain elf who just saved his life. A Hobbit romance fic about Kili the dwarf and Tauriel the elf. It takes place right where their story ended off in the movie by Peter Jackson. I hope you enjoy! I might update it in the future. Also, there's smut in chapter 4 and 5.. Mar 15, 2020 · the courtship chronicles | ksj; summary: dating has never been anywhere near your list of priorities, but kim seokjin is nothing if not determined. and when he comes to the rescue and accompanies you to your friend’s wedding, he decides to request only one thing in return: for you to let him take you out on fake dates and shower you in fake affection, and show you how much fun dating can be .... Pairing: Fíli x fem!Reader. Rating: T. Summary: As it turns out, Fili is your lionheart. THORIN OAKENSHIELD HAD not fancied the idea of another member in the company after Gandalf forced the hobbit upon them as a burglar, especially one with even a hint of elven blood. He liked the exchanged looks between you and his eldest nephew even less. "/>Kili x reader courting