Search: H22 Supercharger. Looks easy enough But I am dealing with a 4160 on a 92 Ski Nautique This unit is similar design implemented by Jaguar,Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and many other OEM;s Today is Give Us a Call: 661-863-7279 The TVS™ supercharger's patented design features twin four-lobe rotors with 160-degree twists and high-flow inlet and outlet ports that greatly enhance thermal JDM Engine .... The midship sports car features a K24 from Honda, an engine that ran from 2001 to 2012 in models such as the CR-V, Accord Type-S, Odyssey minivan, Element, as well as the Acura TSX. In its most. Search: H22 Supercharger. a better option would have been a centrifugal type supercharger I'm going to place a Magnuson MP112 unit on my 6 Of course, now there are lots of 500-600 hp cars on the track that still walk away on the straights but I guess that’s the ever evolving progress of technology H22A VTEC engines are fantastic for the tuner market, offering large displacement, fantastic .... "/>K24 roots supercharger