Mar 30, 2022 ยท In the file explorer look for the lapfiles folder that belongs to daytona2011 in this case and the same but in setups for the .sto file. In the simulator on the specific track go to Options and again under Options and load Split time delta and select the olap or blap laps. Once in the car use the tab key until you have the delta that indicates .... Step 1: Review your results at the end of the race. Click "File Protest". or from the UI click Results: Step 2: Select the violation that you believe took place. or in the UI: Step 3: Fully and completely fill out the protest form including the attachment of relevant replays. iRacing Setups & Data Packs Join the Racing Academy and get access to the Apex Racing Academy Discord and the ARA Setup Sync App. Get access to replay, O/B lap and iRacing setups files from our World Championship members. Learn how to prepare for a race, build setups, improve lap times and understand how to use telemetry tools, such as VRS.. "/>Iracing replay file