OVAL Replacement badge for stock grip $20 Hoyt: 2 Piece grips including the RX3, RX4, and RX5. Swirls - $45. Dymondwood - $45. G10 - $80. Antler - $90. Exotic woods - price depends on market value of woods Bowtech: 2 Piece grips. Swirls - $50. Dymondwood - $45. G10 - $80. Antler - $100. Exotic Woods - price depends on market value of woods. General Bow Information. Every Stalker bow is designed to utilize a brace height of 7 ¼”-7 ¾” (with the exception of the Vortex: 7 ½”-8″) and tillered to shoot off the shelf, unless you direct us to do otherwise. All Stalker’s are also designed with a locator grip and angled thumb groove, making consistent hand placement effortless. For instance, going from a neutral to a high grip changes much more than just the wrist angle- it affects effective draw, shot timing, bow dynamics, and much more! Interestingly, a number of top shooters shoot unmodified factory grips exclusively. One reason is that it's hard to get two custom grips that feel exactly the same. "/>Diy custom bow grip