Chevy 216 1948-1952 comes complete with top quality parts from: Federal Mogul/Sealed Power,Hastings, Melling and Option upgrades allow for substitutions at the cost indicated. Oversizes available at no extra cost. I.E. pistons, rings and bearings sizes. Chevy 216 1948-1952 Master Kit Includes: Stock style Camshaft; Stock style Lifters. The Chevrolet I6 Engine The Chevrolet I6 was released as the 194 CID in 1962, and was essentially the replacement for the previous generation I6 (216, 235, 261). This newer I6 featured the classic Chevy V8 rear face bolt pattern, making it compatible with all of the transmissions - manual or automatic - that were available for the more common V8.. "/>Chevy 216 upgrades