This python program is using if else statement to compute the gross salary from basic salary input. Here we have two different logic's to compute gross salary. so we are using if and else statements. #!/usr/bin/python # function computes the gross salary from basic salary. def calcualte_gross_salary (basic_salary): hra = 0; da = 0; # salary is .... Jun 15, 2022 ยท 2. 3. Enter Amount: 10000. Discount Amount : 1500.0. To be paid by Customer : 8500.0. Take Input amount from user by using python input () function and calculate the discount using the if elif else statement based on the input amount, and at the last of this program print the final net amount to be paid by customer.. The Electricity bill for the units 259 = 2323.3871999999997 Python Program to Calculate Electricity Bill. Below are the ways to Calculate the Electricity Bill in Python. Using If Else Statement (Static Input) Using If Else Statement (User Input) Method #1:Using If Else Statement (Static Input) Approach:. "/>Bill calculator python