Jun 21, 2022 · Thumb teasing her nipples, Percy leaned down, catching the soft skin of Zoe’s jowl, her jaw, her chin. The tip of his tongue traced the sensitive skin around her lobe. Shuddering, Zoe widened her knees—accommodating Percy’s form, her groin jutted upward, trying to meet Percy in the middle as they scrambled to get a proper rhythm.. Artemis smiled at her son's obvious sadness at not being able to participate in pranks with his father. He was just too cute, for her, she wanted to get to know him. Clarisse growled. "We got an initiation ceremony for newbies, Prissy." "Percy." "Whatever. Come on, I'll show you." "Clarisse — " Annabeth tried to say. "Stay out of it, wise girl.". "/>Artemis teases percy fanfiction