About Reader Alpha Aizawa X . 2 ( Alpha! Reader x Omega! Izuku x Alpha! Bakugou). Well, kisses.-ABO (A) Aizawa Shota x (O) Reader Courting in the New World (Zombie AU)-aizawascumslut: plainbrunettelbl: Word count: 1854. By: WhiteYuuki. Looking up to his with one eye closed, you watched as the bandages around his neck floated in thin air.. Pairing: Alpha!Pro!KatsukiBakugo x Omega!Reader from the kinktober requests: “pumpkin, white, 10″ pumpkin - izuku midoriya, white - alpha, 10 - enemies to lovers " Damn you're almost as clueless as that shitty Deku Oct 17, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by InsainCupcake Alpha!Yandere reactions a/n: thank u so much for this request,,, omegaverse is my JAM. The second he opened the door, he caught a whiff of your heat and shoved Sam back out into the garage. “Take baby and find a hotel for the night.” He growled and Sam nodded quickly, turning and heading back toward the impala. Dean slammed the bunker door shut and dropped his bag, jacket, flannel and boots by the door. He strutted down the hallway breathing. "/>Alpha izuku x omega reader heat