Sep 03, 2013 ยท In only a few short hours of fishing one large weedbed, the greatest feeding frenzy of northern pike I had ever experienced in my life took place. My partner Brian Malack nor I remember our exact totals from that day, but a substantial number of 30 to 44 inch fish were caught (sometimes on every cast!) fishing with 6 inch cranes and grandmas.. Variety of Sizes Available: King Sailfish Mounts offers Northern Pike Mounts for Sale in a wide variety of different sizes. The models displayed on this page represent recently produced mounts and/or most popular sizes. For additional selection, contact us by phone or by email for further details: Telephone: 954/784-8377 Email: [email protected] Northern Pike Fishing Mn. Rainy lake [16] is one of minnesota's most outstanding fishing destinations with walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and crappie galore. ... the biggest one i've seen come in was 44 inches long and weighed nearly 23 pounds! 47th annual northern pike tournament registration is now available!!!!. "/>44 inch northern pike